About Hazel

Classically trained and multi skilled portrait & equine artist, Hazel Morgan is an award winning, world class painter with a client list that spans the US, UK and Europe, Hazel is firmly established as one of today’s leading portrait and equestrian artists.

While portrait paintings and equine art are her primary focus, Hazel is equally well known as an exceptionally talented hound and dog painter. Hazel is an artist who not only has the ability to capture what she sees, but is able to reach into the soul of her subject, painting each horse as if it were her own, and each person as if she had known them for years. Her work captures precious moments in time creating a legacy for future generations.

As Hazel says “I am able to capture moments that allow people to relive magic memories for years to come. I love receiving phone calls from my clients telling me how they are still moved by a commission, often many years after it was completed.” 

Hazel paints traditional oil paintings on canvas, and will tailor the experience based on your preferences and vision for this painting. Hazel will also advise on aftercare and framing.

Hazel’s ability as a portrait painter is down to her channelling the skills of the masters who have gone before her. The classical portrait artists that have done so much to bring joy and wonderful art to the world. Hazel stands on the shoulders of giants who have blazed a trail for portrait painters like her to emulate their skills and abilities. She harks back to a period of art that celebrates beauty on all levels.